About Us

PT. Global Hospitality Consultant is continuing its service advising private and corporate, by providing creative and practical management solutions.

Amid Indonesia’s rapidly growing hospitality industry, PT. Global Hospitality Consultant founders saw increasing need among private and government sectors for experienced management, feasibility studies, practical advices and solutions for hotel, resort, senior living, apartment service, condotel,property and tourism development.

Our Team of Consultants, individually have past and present work experiences with multi-national and international organizations and leading hotels worldwide and other various work experience whereby each of them have held a departmental head or middle-management positions.

PT. Global Hospitality Consultant has provided solutions, customized to meet specific needs of a variety of clients. The experienced PT. Global Hospitality Consultant management team stays on top of the rapidly changing business environment, maintaining capabilities to meet future challenges.



Feasibility Study

Making Feasibility Study is to create a report on the results and analysis of the feasibility of a business development plan, in order to give an idea to the owner and creditors regarding marketing, operating patterns and finance to the business plan.

Assessment Study

The making of the Assessment Study is to make an analysis of the hotel operations covering the areas of finance, operation and marketing of a hotel already in operation but in operation, the hotel does not obtain or achieve an expected condition.

Project Management

Project Management is acting on behalf of the owner in coordinating the implementation of a development aspect which includes:

  • Construction Management.
  • Mechanical & Electrical.
  • Quantity Surveyor.
  • Architect.
  • Interior.
  • Hotel Engineering.
  • Hotel Equipment.

Technical Assistance

Technical Assistance is assisting or representing the owner in providing suggestions during the planning period;

  • Architecture.
  • Interior.
  • Hotel Engineering.
  • Hotel Equipment.

Pre-Opening Service

Pre-Opening Service is to assist hotel owners in coordinating and preparing the opening of a hotel, starting from its operating pattern and operating system and its marketing as well as the expected product and pattern of operation.

Operational Management

Operational Management is executing the management of a Hotel, Resort, Senior living, Apartment service and Condotel within the timeframe specified in a Letter of Agreement, whereby we will place its expert personnel including: General Manager, Chief Accountant and other experts required to operate the hotel. (NATIONAL HOTEL OPERATOR AND INTERNATIONAL CHAIN HOTEL OPERATOR)

Management Consultancy

Management Consultancy is to assist, provide advice and input to all or part of an operational hotel deemed necessary by the assignor.


Planning and Coordinating for operational Logistic, Master list and budgeting consist of furniture and fixture, operating equipment, heavy equipment and others equipment with the hotel operator and related consultant.

Financial Assistance

Financial Assistance is to assist owners in supporting Financial institution for Credit, restructuring, financial arrangement, and finding strategic partners



1.  Assessment / Feasibility Study / Business Plan – 96 Projects

2. Feasibility Study and Master Plan for Tourism Complex and Special Economic Zone – 13 Projects

3. Asset Management Service / Operational Management / Pre-opening Assistance – 74 Projects

4. Procurement and Interior Design Assistance – 10 Projects

5. Financial Assistance – 4 Projects

7. Project Management Services – 21 Projects

8. Training – 20 Projects

9. Others – 24 Projects



PT. Global Hospitality Consultant (“GHC”) based on Constitution and Tourism Ministry Regulation number 18 year 2016 (Registration of Tourism Business) , with legality documents as :

1. Expertise in the field of Tourism Consulting Services, in compliance to the following regulations:

  *Law No.10 year 2009 regarding Tourism, Chapter-VI Article-14 Paragraph-1 subparagraph-J.

  *Ministerial Regulation of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism No. PM.94/HK.501/MKP/2010 regarding The Procedure of Registration for the Tourism Consulting Services Provider, with issued special license of:

     *Permanent Business License in the field of Tourism Consulting Services   Business License, No. 2270/2011 and renewed to No. 1/14.72/31/1.858.8/2015 dated 2nd July 2015.

2. Member of Indonesia Hotel & Restaurant Association (PHRI) No.

3. Member of Indonesia Tourism Board ( GIPI).

4. Member of Indonesia Tourism Consultant Association (ASTRI) No. 006/ASTRI/VII/2015.

5. Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KADIN)