PT. Global Hospitality Consultant (“GHC”) based on Constitution and Tourism Ministry Regulation number 18 year 2016 (Registration of Tourism Business) , with legality documents as :

1. Expertise in the field of Tourism Consulting Services, in compliance to the following regulations:

  *Law No.10 year 2009 regarding Tourism, Chapter-VI Article-14 Paragraph-1 subparagraph-J.

  *Ministerial Regulation of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism No. PM.94/HK.501/MKP/2010 regarding The Procedure of Registration for the Tourism Consulting Services Provider, with issued special license of:

     *Permanent Business License in the field of Tourism Consulting Services   Business License, No. 2270/2011 and renewed to No. 1/14.72/31/1.858.8/2015 dated 2nd July 2015.

2. Member of Indonesia Hotel & Restaurant Association (PHRI) No.

3. Member of Indonesia Tourism Board ( GIPI).

4. Member of Indonesia Tourism Consultant Association (ASTRI) No. 006/ASTRI/VII/2015.

5. Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KADIN)